Building Faith, Serving Christ, Touching Lives
Meeting Ananias

and Other Eye-Opening Stories of Faith

By Rev. Dr. James Tino    Foreword by Dr. Dale A. Meyer

Publication Date:  January, 2014      Length:  166 pages
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Are you finding it harder and harder to keep your faith energized? Why is it that the Christian life, once so exciting and full of promise, often becomes routine and ordinary? As we follow Jesus, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the details and concerns of life, and lose sight of what God is doing in us and through us. We can become focused on the wrong things, which quickly drains the life out of our faith. We need to have our vision adjusted by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit so we can see the hand of God at work in our lives each and every day. In Meeting Ananias, our eyes are opened to see what we sometimes miss: the ordinary and extraordinary ways that God makes Himself known to us as we follow Him.

For more than 25 years, Pastor James Tino has been inspiring people in congregations and classrooms around the world with real-life examples of God’s grace and power at work! Now, for the first time, Rev. Tino shares ten of his favorite stories in one volume, filled with lessons from God that he learned while serving as a missionary in Venezuela. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes challenging, these true stories will encourage and inspire you to know God more deeply, and will open the eyes of your heart to understand the Word of God in a way that is fresh and invigorating.

Since 1988, Rev. Dr. James Tino has been involved in missions as a church planter, a mission director, and a missionary, first in Venezuela and now in Chile. He is the founder and director of Global Lutheran Outreach, a missionary-sending organization. Rev. Tino also serves as adjunct faculty at several institutions of higher education, including Concordia Theological Seminary and Ohio Christian University, and is a guest lecturer at universities and seminaries overseas. He and his wife Liisa have four children.

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